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I play the ukulele and it's fun! - The "Big" Book (2012)

Instructions for parents and other concerned parties



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Kids love playing ukulele. It's colorful, cool and exactly the right size for kids to handle.

The "big" book has been conceived as a supplement to the "small" booklet and offers tips and tricks on how to teach kids to play ukulele in a playful way: with references to buying ukuleles and music equipment, detailed instructions about posture and playing technique, notes for all songs and a comprehensive fingering chart. It's perfect for teachers and music educators - and for parents who would like to try out something new with their kids.

You can find free audio samples to play along with at: Link

In a refreshing and humorous way, Iso Herquist makes sure that the first contact with this small instrument quickly turns into a musical success. Great fun for kids in preschool or elementary school age - also in groups!



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